Welcome 2015!

The first day of the new year! Unexpected as usually. Scary? or exciting? Mine started with old Tom and Jerry cartoons, chorizos, hot sweet coffee, snuggling on the couch and sudden realization of having no n.y. resolutions. After a bit of a thought coming to the conclusion : of cause more organized (Ha! :), of […]

Life and Leisure

Life and leisure Being a mother is a full time job. Being a mother of a teenager is a full time job at a dangerous goods production line. The last two years were the greatest test for me as a person, woman and a creative wizard. It is not easy to be a wizard when […]

About learning.

Is learning really a necessity? I think it is. I am trying to learn how youtube videos work. When you upload them 🙂 I soo do not like the screens and I soo love them. They take all the energy out but at the same time they give so many opportunities to talk to people […]

The therapeutic effect of drawing?

Often I can hear the clever people saying how wonderful it is to let creativity out and how great it is for the wellbeing and how therapeutical it is for our souls… But what exactly does it mean and what does it look like in the real life?   Imagine… you take a pen.. doodle for […]

Having the style

There are plenty of thoughts on how to find your style and how to find your niche in illustration world. I always struggle with just one thing. As much as I love bringing the magical stories for little humans to life I also love the food. In fact I love it too much 🙂 and […]