Welcome 2015!

The first day of the new year! Unexpected as usually. Scary? or exciting? Mine started with old Tom and Jerry cartoons, chorizos, hot sweet coffee, snuggling on the couch and sudden realization of having no n.y. resolutions. After a bit of a thought coming to the conclusion : of cause more organized (Ha! :), of cause finding the balance between the famnily and oh, so loved work!, of cause doing more pleasent things for myself to get more inspiration for everything, and of cause the blog. Some kind of a diary but publically exposed. hm..

I am useless of keeping up with the diaries. I start as a writer and finish as a reader of my own diary and being too full of old information to add any new stuff. However i will give it a go. 🙂 So .. looking through the window at my kissed by sun lavender i decide… to go to the beach with the kids..:)

Happy New Year!


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